Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mexican Funnies

This post is dedicated to a few of the funny things that I have abserved while being in Mexico.  I don't know if you'll think their funny but they are so funny to me!
  • On the bus ride from Puebla to Tehuacan as the bus driver looked in his reaview mirror he saw a bunch of white girls with our heads sticking out in the isle screaming and gasping "oh my gosh! we're going to die!" It seriously reminded me of on Harry Potter when the bus gets really small and fits between two other buses.  Someone said that it was like a ride at Disneyland except it was the real thing!  I am so glad that I don't have to drive while I'm in Mexico I don't understand  all the traffic laws and such. I figure I'm good if I can cross the street safely and let the natives do the driving.
  • When I walked the kids to school one morning we got on the combi and there were like 22 other people that also got on the combi to take their kids to school I've never seen so many people crowded into one little vehicle. Combis are always an interesting experience.
  • One day while walking home we saw a little kid who appeared to be stuck in a little store that sales coffins. I don't know how he got in there but he was banging on the door and the rest of his family was just staring at him from the outside. It's kinda sad but funny at the same time.
  • My host family thinks that the funniest thing is to make me yell "joven!" all the time because there is a guy in the center who sales elote and is famous for screaming it at the top of his lounges.  They also make me say "tacos guara" to immitate some ladies who sale tacos.  It's not a family gathering if I don't yell joven or tacos guara at least three times.  And there are a few other things they like to get me to say some of them are probably not appropriate. 
  • Meeting Julian for the first time was pretty funny.  He walked into ILP with Pita to take me home and Coltan asked him how he learned English (he speaks it perfectly) he said from watching Disney movies but couldn't quote a single line from a Disney movie! He's a hoot and always makes me laugh. 
  • We saw a police put a guy up against the wall and start to pat him down.  Lupita came to tell me what he said then Gilberto comes up and says "He's going to JAIL!" it was pretty hysterical! Now he says it all the time.
  • Roberto was telling Pita and I that he saw a bar fight but Pita thought he said a barf fight! (it was late at night) We also laughed for like 20 mins over a stupid joke: what do you call a dog with no legs?  It doesn't matter what you call it it aint coming!
  • Today in Church Carrie saw a sign over a door that said "bodega" she was unfamiliar with the word so she looked it up in her Spanish/English dictionary.  The first definition was wine cellar.  We laughed out loud in the middle of Church. 
  • As we were painting my room today the kids were going to take a shower and sneaking through the hall naked.  They were trying to sneak past my bedroom unnoticed but what they didn't know was that I was washing my hands in the bathroom.  I came out and found a bare Gilberto crouched down looking in my room then her turned and looked right at me and freaked out. A few minuets later they all came back out with their towels on and waved at me. 
There are probably a lot more! Living in a foreign country with a host family and teaching kids provides lots of funny, interesting, random, and awkward moments that make me laugh.

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